Monday, June 09, 2008


I've been working with a very talented team over at Channel 31 producing the T.V. show 'Hotel De Barton'. The problem was I didn't have good enough reception to watch my own T.V. show ! I was told that the transmitter was not very powerful and the only way I could get good enough reception in my little suburb by the beach was to install an external UHF antenna that had an uninterupted view of the transmission tower.
Unpersuaded by such a concept as 'impossible', I set about building a better antenna. Using the principles that I just needed to pick up more useful signal, less rubbish and wire all the bits to work synergistically I put together the best antenna I've ever had the pleasure to own. The prototype, nicknamed 'Frankantenna' because it was just plain ugly, is shown above along with a much prettier version for everyday use.

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