Monday, November 07, 2005

FREE SOFTWARE 3 - JavaScript DeBugger

A JavaScript DeBugger I wrote that is available here at Planet Source Code is now being used by the Weizmann Institue in the OOP module of their Life Sciences course.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Plasma Balls

Plasma Balls

After 10 years of faithful service the old microwave oven had rusted to the
point where it could start leaking rays at anytime, so I bought a new one.

What do with the old one ..... PLASMA BALLS - think amorphous blobs
of molten air. After the obligatory CD frying of course.

Here's what happens (or at least what I think - not my srongest subject so bear with me)
Blocked off the vents on the microwave. Broke off pieces of incense sticks and zapped
them on full power. These give off carbon vapour. The microwaves then zap the carbon
vapour molecules which makes them attracted to each other and get REALLY hot aswell.
Looks cool watching fireballs dance around inside the machine- see attached photos.

Got really hot in there after a while - the thick glass jars you see in the photos shattered.
Had to stop when the Microwave, after all the sides had buckled, started to smell
like it was burning. Didn't want to risk burning down the place. Sure warmed the place
up though.

And before you call the RSPCA for putting my offspring in mortal danger - we did it
all behind the safety of a Lexan / Plexiglass / whatever you call it in your part of the world /
screen which I just happen to have lying around for such occasions.

More Plasma Balls

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Going to be busy for the next couple of weeks - any requests for work cannot be
attended to until after then.

Rapid Prototyper / 3D Printer 1

Two old, dead laserjets and a mercifully retired workstation - You see a
pile of rubbish but I think there's nearly enough bits in there to put together
a High Precision Rapid Prototyper / 3D Printer.
This one is going to take a while, will keep you updated.

Handy Hint 1

An electric blanket on the sofa / lounge / divan / settee / whatever you call it
in your part of the world, keeps you toasty warm during winter without putting
too much strain on your bank balance.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Another of my sites - Chris' Dating site - now has 645023 profiles in the database.
Take a look


This is a small application I wrote that lets you type using just the mouse buttons to
enter a modified version of morse code. Why ? I hear you ask.
* Type into your notebook / laptop while it is safely in your backpack without
walking into things or falling down a deep hole.
* Works for injured or Differently abled people.
* With a little imagination, a screwdriver and some glue a $5 mouse could easily
and inexpensively be adapted to allow almost anyone to use it to communicate.

It is poorly documented and still has a lot more room for further development but
it is free. If you have any ideas about how it could be made more useful for you
send me an email and I'll see what I can do.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Weekend Project 2

Paper Motorcycles - a free download from


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Recognize This ?

If there is anyone out there that can send me any information about this figurine (19 cm / 7.5 inch high 'N.D DE MONTAIGU' written below figure), the Notre-Dame de Montaigu-Scherpenheuvel, the Basilica of Our Lady of Montaigu-Scherpenheuvel or the miraculous oak of Montaigu-Scherpenheuvel please contact me.

Weekend Project 1

LED light and mount - cheap pocket torch.
Case - cutdown toothbrush holder.
Battery holder (2 x AAA) & contacts - baked beans tin.
Bracket - coathanger.

Smoked Tasmanian Salmon

In Australia we eat smoked salmon everyday for breakfast !

Monday, June 06, 2005

FREE SOFTWARE 1 MP3 conversion

dBpowerAMP Music Converter Release 10 (Free previous version with unlimited MP3 conversion).

Great App with all the bells and whistles - if you upgrade to a later version you'll have to pay for the privilege of full functionality !!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


my site -
How to build a lovely iridescent Glow-In-The-Dark TOXIC GREEN chess set
featured on the eXtremely cool site

Just Testing

And here is a first test post
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