Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Biogas Leak Detection (Canine)

Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen.
The use of biogas technology is an alternative cooking energy for rural people in developing countries.
It provides clean cooking energy, reduces indoor air pollution and reduces the time needed for traditional biomass collection, especially for women and children. The slurry is a clean organic fertilizer that potentially increases agricultural productivity.
Unfortunately, the threat of leaks is a serious problem especially when the quality of materials and labour cannot be guaranteed. However it is relatively cheap and simple to train a local dog to detect the hydrogen sulphide that would be present in any leaks and have it alert someone nearby. Such an animal could easily be trained to carry out regular inspections. The sensitivity of a dog's nose is far greater than commercially available detectors and they can even detect leaks from underground pipes.

On a lighter note - it could also be used to identify anyone that 'passed wind' in a crowded meeting hall enabling the offender to be dealt with appropriately. ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Search Engine - AnthroPilot - Real Time, Human Driven

Anthropilot is a new human driven search engine designed to make the internet a better place for all.
Frustrated by the ever increasing difficulty of finding things on the internet, I decided to find a better way. After much consideration I decided that we needed a way of connecting people with experience and knowledge in particular areas with those that didn't have experience and knowledge in particular areas, then getting them to communicate.
So here it is - AnthroPilot - a forum where you can ask people to help you find what you're looking for on the internet or, where you can help others find what they are looking for.

Volunteers Needed
To get this project running we are going to need a couple of hundred members.
If interested visit

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