Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Excessive Earwax Cure

Short answer - Cup of warm water with a pinch of salt.

I developed excessive earwax so I visited the pharmacist and bought some drops to fix it - tasted terrible and didn't work. Let's jump on the interweb and do some research: Those bored Texan housewives that write well meaning advice all over the myriad of advice sites created to cater for them mainly suggested olive oil; probably won't do much harm...

Let's try google scholar: It seems when you are dealing with a problem that mostly clears up in a few days for most people most of the time all you need is a very poorly designed, and I hesitate to even use the term,  "clinical trial" and you can sell just about anything proprietry. Well done big pharma...

One study did particularly stand out though - it used water as a control! and that water seemed to be working.

Here's the catch - Different people have different earwax so this may or may not work for you - here's how you find out.

1: Add a crystal of salt to a spoonfull or so of tepid water.
2: Obtain a sample of the offending earwax (From outer ear only).
3: Immerse sample in water and see if it dissolves (Make note of time required).

If successful simply scale up the quantity - a pinch of salt to a cup of luke-warm water.

Method: Tilt head on side, use a spoon to pour water into ear, sing the chorus of your favourite song, tilt head to the other side to drain the ear. Repeat as needed.

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